ERP Training for Upcrest

“Upcrest” is an integrated software and it is very much essential to understand the logic of this product. This is a prerequisite for successful implementation. We therefore offer exhaustive training to prospective users and also arrange need based training especially when major upgrades are released.

Training broadly covers:

  • Training on “Upcrest” Modules.
  • Basics of Upcrest Sql Database Administration.
  • Basic Customization of Forms and Reports.

Training is structured in three tiers:

  • Senior Management – giving them exposure to Dashboards, Controls and how user accesses are controlled.
  • Administrators – database, Granting Users Accesses, Audit log of transactions, customization, etc.
  • Actual users – their respective work, links between various modules.

Implementation support

Implementation support covers:

  • Mapping of business processes
  • Guidance on preparation of initial master data with the help of templates
  • Helping users understand implications of various parameter settings, how Upcrest enforces discipline so that data consistency and integrity is maintained and how inter –module integration works.
  • Considering resources and ERP preparedness of the company we suggest implementation in phases
  • Process mapping

Out sourcing services

We offer outsourcing services, using “Upcrest” software products, for Payroll Processing, ERP – Coordinator services and Fixed Asset Register building and maintenance, etc.

Third party software implementations

We have enough expertise to implement third party software products if any integration of such products with Upcrest is desired.

Data migration from Legacy Systems or EXCEL to ERP, Data Validation.

Since we have been dealing with Pre-ERP and Post ERP data for many years we have specialists who can offer advice & provide service on data validation, data migration as well as data cleaning.

Pre ERP consultation

We offer pre-ERP consultancy to help companies minimize cost, efforts and time of ERP implementation and make company ready for ERP.

This covers advice on business processes, system parameterization, codification of master data like items, setting business rules, preparation of implementation plan, business process reengineering (BPR) etc.