Fixed Asset

Fixed Assets record-keeping and tracking is very important function for any organization. Upcrest provides this module out of ERP suite as an independent offering also.

The scope of this application includes:

  1. Fixed Assets Addition, Full/Part Disposal, Full/Part Write off working with full history & depreciation working of that fixed asset year wise.
  2. Cost break up of asset
  3. Depreciation process to allow compliance with Indian Accounting Standards as well as IFRS.
  4. Bar Code stickers generation to facilitate physical verification
  5. Physical Verification Lists
  6. Various reports on assets like Fixed Assets Register and depreciations. Such Register and Depreciation can be calculated monthly or up to a given date.
  7. Facility to import of data from other software’s to build Fixed Assets Register. There is a provision to show un reconciled items. This facilitates quick reconciliation between Accounting Record and Fixed Assets record.
  8. Historical data maintenance for fixed asset.