‘Upcrest’ ERP Software

Upcrest is a multi-company, multi locations, multi user, multi currency, parameter driven, and customizable software. Easy to install and use. On line help on screen as well as well documented manual is provided.

This product can be used for Multiple companies of a group sharing same data e.g. customers, suppliers, items for a group. Data slicing applicable to each company can be done using User rights working of “Upcrest”.

  1. This facilitates auto creation of document from one company to another company of a group in case of inter-company transaction. e.g. Purchase Order of one company is the basis for Sales Order for another company in the group.
  2. Consolidated Reports can be viewed e.g. Balance Sheet, Profit& Loss Account.

Working of “Upcrest” can be shared from Multiple Physical Locations of a company.

Multiple users working considering restrictive right to data access can be implemented.

Multiple currencies can be handled. This will be helpful for tracking Exchange gains loss on Realization & Revaluation.

Multiple Year Working:
Facilitates continuation of operations for next year even if the previous year is not closed.

Different Years: Tax Year and Accounting Year
Facilitates Accounting year for reporting can be different from Tax Year.